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Describe leader-follower relations at Boyne USA Resorts.


Read and view the Delegation at Boyne USA Resorts video case study and answer the questions below related to the video case study.

1. Describe leader-follower relations at Boyne USA Resorts.

2. Why was decentralization and delegation necessary to Boyne’s future despite the success with Everett Kircher at the helm of a vertical structure?

Video link (Go to Chapter 7, Video):http://academic.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/1285866355_535793.mp4


                                                            CLASSMATE’S POST 

The relationship between the leader and followers of Boyne USA resorts was designed to be a team project. The structure he started was the vertical structure which involved the leader-follower. Everett Kircher was an effective leader who had the knowledge and skills to lead the family business. He trained his followers to be leaders by delegating responsibilities.  This way they were able to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to help the company become successful. Kirshner had a vision that he made a reality with the support of his team. He learned early in the business that he could not do everything by himself so he delegated duties to various people and had to trust that they would execute them successfully. For any business to grow and have longevity, you must learn to delegate and give your employees an opportunity to prove that they can make the right decisions that will keep the company going for years to come. After his death, his sons took over the business and divided it into two divisions, Boyne East and Boyne West. They are following their fathers’ vision and the business continues to grow.

The decentralization and delegation were necessary because of the steady and rapid growth of the business. The company’s longevity depended on its ability to adapt and grow.  Because of the company’s rapid growth, it divided into two divisions. This turned out to be a good and positive move for the company as this made them one of the best in their area. The company grew from 40 million dollars in 1990 to over 200 million in 2005. This came from Everett Kircher’s dreams of having a ski hill that grew into the largest private four-season resort in North America.


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