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Descriptive Analysis Report (SAS JMP needed)

You’ll have to have SAS JMP already to conduct this report, if you don’t have it then please don’t put in a bid.

You are required to explore your chosen dataset and provide a textual and visual narrative for the benefit of your of your managers. They want to see a combination of incisive data analysis and effective information visualisation to convey a compelling narrative, which will inform future decision-making.

This narrative will be in the form of an individual report. To provide a more complete treatment, you are required to use both MS Excel and SAS JMP to generate the analyses. Multiple screenshots from both packages are expected. The following elements should be present in some form:
    Descriptive Statistics on the key elements of the data; This can be done in Excel, but JMP is a good option to consider here.
    Effective data visualisation, i.e., graphs, charts, pivot tables, and (specifically in Excel), cell formatting.
    Categorical data analysis; JMP is the best option here.
    Description and brief instructions on any elements of your Excel worksheets that allow user interaction, e.g., VLOOKUP functions or drop-down lists.
    A interpretive narrative which conveys your insights in a professional manner.

Deliverables: 3 parts
1. The main reportThis should provide all the insight that you want to convey to your managers. They should not be required to access the Excel workbook or JMP data table to digest the report. (2500 words)

2.    The Excel workbook used to generate your analyses.
3.    JMP data table and attached scripts used to generate your analyses.

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