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Developing Policy Stock Issues and Stock Issue Attacks

The 1st document is the outline of the assignment, so you can write arguments in there.
I am also including samples of affirmative and negative outlines for a review.

Here are full instructions of the assignment:

This assignment is designed to assess your skill at developing a complete logical outline of appropriate claims to constitute a four-part stock issue strategy on either side of this semesters policy topic:

Resolved:  That the U.S. Constitution should be amended to abolish the Electoral College in favor of the national popular vote.

You will develop a 1-1.5 page, single-spaced logical outline of simple, single sentence claims on the Affirmative for an internally consistent, complete Affirmative case that develops these four stock issues:  significance/ill/harm, inherency/blame, solvency/cure (both that the plan is practical/feasible/workable and that it solves EACH ill identified), and either an extra advantage or a developed preemptive defense to your Negative disadvantage/cost.  The Affirmative outline will be followed (in the same document) by a 1-1.5 page, single-spaced logical outline of simple, single sentence claims constituting a Negative position that develops an attack on each of the foregoing Affirmative stock issue positons:  a significance/ill/harm attack, an inherency/blame attack, a solvency/cure attack or PMN (either that the plan is somehow not feasible/practical/ workable or that it does not substantially solve an Affirmative ill or ills), and a disadvantage/cost attack.  Be mindful of including all the necessary parts in your PMN (link, claim, reasoning, impact) and your DA (external link, internal links, uniqueness, impact) AND LABEL EACH PMN AND DA PART IN YOUR OUTLINE.  (Be aware that this is something that the main sample does not illustrate because of tighter space limits on the assignment for which the sample was prepared; look at the Negative Outline on the HIV test resolution to see a better example of PMN and DA development and labeling.)  You will NOT be inserting the evidence that supports each terminal point in the outline, BUT you should be able to produce it from a combination of your research.

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