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Discrimination against native Americans

    I need an informed essay at least 1500 words. Done ASAP please. This is how i need it.

    Introduction: State your field and present the debate(s)/mysteries/conversations youve chosen.
        Thesis = subject + debate/mystery/conversation + importance/relevance of that issue to the field and/or in a broader sense
        Background Context: this is where you contextualize the issue by explaining how it came about, what conditions or information created the issue; what terms, concepts, or ideas are important to the issue; and in general, anything and everything the reader may need to understand the issue
        Section 1: identify the sides and/or positions in the debate, what their ideas/arguments/hypothesis are
        Section 2 +: cover each side in detail, summarizing their logic and/or evidence
        Conclusion: your conclusion may present your opinion of the issue (although not persuasively, rather objectively); this is also the place to reinforce the relevance and importance of the issue, within the subject field and beyond. This is importantyou want to reader to realize that this debate or conversation isnt taking place in a vacuum, but has real implications. Whether resolving the debate will help people to understand something, or take act in some kind of way, it is significant. Of course, some debates are more important and impactful than others, but that doesnt always mean we shouldnt acknowledge and pay attention to those that are significant in their own way. Sure, ending systematic injustice is definitely a priority, and engaging in that debate is really importantbut knowing whether or not we can possibly put a human habitation on Mars is also important, if not necessarily as immediate.
Each paragraph within each section should weigh or evaluate a point in the debate. Each point may have subpoints that deserve their own paragraphs. If you use different sources, each source should be cited and engaged in separate paragraphs. When youre done weighing one point fully, move on to the next section.

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