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In Discussion IV we will examine the mid-1800s in relation to the list of  “Habits of Mind for History” developed by the National Council for History Education (NCHE).  These are concepts that promote critical thinking and the development of a broader perspective through the study of history.

You can access the list of “Habits of Mind” at this link:  http://www.nche.net/habitsofmind

We will examine material in Chapters 11-13, or Section IV of Connecting California, in relation to these ideas.  You may use items from the reading handouts for these chapters, or you may develop your own topics based on what you see in the chapters.

Please feel free to start a thread if you are the first person to write about a particular Habit of Mind in relation to a particular topic.  For example, you might write about History Habit #1 in relation to the Erie Canal.  (If someone is tackling history Habit #1 in relation to the Bank of the US they would be a different thread.  If someone writes about History Habit #2 in relation to the Erie Canal they could also be a different thread. To some extent you can use your judgment as to when a new thread is essential.)

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