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Discussion Board 3


Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, you are required to create an initial thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum.
Each thread must be a minimum of 800 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge, biblical principles, and Scripture.. Each post should demonstrate critical insight and evaluation.
If only the minimum word count is met, ensure every word is meaningful and the sentences flow and build the argument. Avoid generic or meaningless statements in the Discussions. Be specific and leverage these opportunities to interact with one another and express your understanding of the discussion at hand.
The assigned reading in the course textbooks will be the central topic of conversation for each Discussions in this class. Specific prompts are provided for each Discussion related to a  specific book.

Read the general instructions for discussions. Additionally, please work to provide insightful initial posts and then interactive and robust responses. Go beyond minimums and use this as a time to dive deeply into this discussion. Provide specifics from the book where appropriate. Present propositional arguments and avoid wordy and meaningless phrases.

Reduplicating the discussion prompts do not count towards the total word count.


Initial Thread:

After reading the book Spiritual Disciples for the Christian Life, post an initial thread to include the follow (use separate bolded section titles or paragraphs to break up the post showing where each point is addressed):

1. Approximately, what percentage of the book was read in preparation for this discussion?

2. Whats Whitneys theme for the book and what verse does he use to establish that theme? He explicitly shares it. Do you agree with his use of this verse in establishing this premise? Why or why not?

3. Whitney argues that Spiritual Disciplines are those practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The key here is that he limits Spiritual Disciplines to those practices found in Scripture. Considering that, he has a chapter on journaling. Do you believe that chapter and his argument there meets his own criteria? Why or why not?

4. Assuming that God uses Spiritual Disciplines to help grow us in godliness, take a moment and pray and reflect upon which discipline God wants you to utilize more faithfully in your life to grow in godliness. How do you specifically and practically plan on being more faithful in the practice of that discipline? Share your plan with us.

5. Find one other definitive statement given in the book with which you strongly agreed or disagreed. Explain and defend from Scripture your strong response in light of that statement.


1.  Gorman, Michael J. Cruciformity: Pauls Narrative Spirituality of the Cross. Eerdmans, 2001. ISBN: 978-0802847959. (Read Chapters11 and 12 )

2,  Whitney, Donald S. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. NavPress, 2014. ISBN: 978-1615216178. ( READ CHAPTERS 8 – 10 ) )


1. Do not apply to the paper unless you have access ro the required textbooks above

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