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Discussion Question Response6

Please respond to Question 1 and 2

This is what I wrote:
Under legacy gift, the assets remain under the donor’s control even after donating them off to monitor and see their donations’ productivity and efficiency. Besides, legacy gifts are beneficial to the donors since can now direct the area where they feel their gift aligns with the organizations mission and is most crucial to them.  More importantly, they can modify their offerings to support their goodwill and protect their legacy (Regnier, 2018).

It is essential first to make a fundraising plan that would focus on individual donors. Also, it is vital to plan a special event to keep givers giving.  Conversely, request grants from foundations and corporations to effectively impact donation The use of social media and traditional ways is essential to support and engage donors. It is also critical for the organization to set aside business to raise funds to attract more donors (Bray, 2019).

The ethical consideration of accepting gifts should consider whether the gift is appropriate or inappropriate and whether it is a form of bribe. The acceptance of contributions and hospitality services from individuals may sometimes leave an organization vulnerable and open to attacks on accusations of unfairness and unlawful conduct hence creating an ethical issue when accepting gifts.

It involves simple steps whereby one can use the online foundation platform for fundraising. One can type their word to describe why they are seeking the funds, then match donors according to their field of interest, geographical area, and type of support they can avail. Hence check the perfect combination and email to friends or the organization (Reich, & Myhrvold, 2013).

Use the funds on the particular reason for holding the fundraising by expanding and putting the money into the agency.

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Question 1.Ruthie
What do you think is the advantage to the donor of a legacy gift. The advantage would allow funds to the donor to increase their charity and also they can still modify their gift at anytime. Legacy gift is a good way to leave their legacy behind as a memory through their donation. I would develop a planned giving program through first education my self about the program and find out information on wills and living wills. I will select my boards and also educate them and letting them know about my planned giving program so that they can be on board. Also getting out their and finding my resources about government funding and reaching out to my supporters. What ethical consideration would you need to consider about the gift that people are giving? I would establish a gift acceptance policies. This would serve as a guide when it comes to donors giving. I would also ask the donor if they can make a nonspecific gift to my organization. How could you start to get a grant funding into your organization? First understand your funders and then start with a funding profile. Do the research on the grants prospect stay in contact with your funders . Advertise on twitter, connect with other grant seekers, emails, also find out about foundation grants online. I would also use grant writers my next step would be to go online for grant application. I would also start a website regarding my develop plan for legacy gift. Next follow up with my funders and stay in communication with them. I would use the money toward fees, and services. I would also speak with my donor and find out how they would want the money spent. I would honor their request .

Reference: Funds from Bequests ,Legacy Gifts and Grants.

Reference: Ilona Bray J.D (2019) Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits Real-World Strategies that Works.

Question 2.

When you’re a receipt of a legacy gift, that is a more meaningful gift and could also be a substantial gift amount.  These gifts can be very impactful. The gift is given via a will of some sort. It represents and perhaps shines the spotlight on the organization if someone trusts your organization enough to supply a legacy gift that speaks volumes about the strength and leadership of the organization, not to mention the belief in your organization’s mission.

I would have a lovely intimate dinner for a small group of people of interest.  The program would include dinner, music, and a speaker that would touch on why the family or donor would benefit from providing a legacy contribution organization.

The program would be outlining how the gift would be used and offer options on how the legacy donation could be utilized to create a remarkable legacy that would support the organization for years to come.

They understand that all donations should be viewed as a favorable consideration.  No one has to donate; they do for good causes and support the organizations missing and, in most cases, to provide a better quality of life.  In my organization, I would recognize that gift-giving is a choice and that “There’s a human being at the other end” (Bray, 2019, p.365) of that giving.  No matter the amount of the gift supplied, and all donations should be viewed as grateful deeds.

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