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Distributed databases, NOSQL, and Big data

Could you please add another 4 pages to the writing already created and attached?

– Using the IEEE template (see link below), write a literature review paper that should summarize: “Distributed databases, NOSQL, and Big data”
    – https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html
– Your paper should have a minimum of 4 pages
– The paper has to present at least the following sections
    – Introduction
    – Literature review on distributed databases
    – Literature review in NOSQL databases
    – Literature review on big data
    – Practical applications
        – Include multiple subsections (one for each example)
    – Final remarks and Conclusions
– You should consider other references beyond our textbook
  – Check the syllabus for the textbook reference
– The paper should consider
  – Definitions
  – A brief explanation of each of those concepts
  – A practical example of each

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