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Drafting a Literature Review Synthesis of Research Studies

The literature review is an integral component of the DPI Project, as it serves to summarize and synthesize research done in the selected area of study. The body of the literature review to draft in this assignment will be edited and revised over the course of the program to eventually become Chapter 2 of DPI Project. Incorporate instructor feedback from the Introduction to the Literature Review Empirical Research assignment to enhance literature review.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
    APA6 style is required. An abstract is not required.
    This assignment uses a rubric. Please Review the rubric prior to the beginning to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
    Required to submit to TurnItIn
Based upon review 30 selected empirical research articles, identify three to five major themes that relate to project topic and three to five subthemes related to each major theme.
Using those themes and subthemes in conjunction with completed “Research Article Chart,” write a paper that synthesizes the content of 30 selected empirical research studies.
Summarize each major theme and provide a detailed synthesis of its identified subthemes by addressing the following:
1.    Introduce the identified subtheme.
2.    Identify the research questions posed by the applicable studies.
3.    Identify the sample populations used.
4.    Identify the methodology.
5.    Identify the limitations of the studies.
6.    Summarize the conclusion and recommendations for further research.
7.    Synthesize or connect the articles related to the subtheme back to the major theme and overall project.

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