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Driving force behind advancement of VET in Russia


1.    Governance and VET funding. In this section I will introduce the impact of the governance and funding on VET advancement in Russia.
2.    VET and The Federal Law on Education. In this section Im going to focus on VET prospective within the frame of the federal law on education.
3.    Quality assurance in VET. This section will cover tools and the processes that intend to impact positively advancement of VET in Russia.
4.    Russian National Qualification System (NQS) and VET. In this section I will focus on NQS that is intend to eliminate discrepancy between VET and needs of the labor market and education subsystems for lifelong learning.
5.    Implementation of international practices in VET: WorldSkills (WS) standards. This section will cover initiated reforms aimed to improve VET and overall education system in Russia.

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