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Drout Advertising Research Project

Please read the following Data Analytics for Business case assigned for this Learning Module and please analyze and answer the Assignment(s) requested in this Case Analysis.


For this part of the case:

Propose and test some meaningful hypotheses that will help Ms. Drout understand and explain the results.

Include two-sample tests, ANOVA, and/or Chi-Square tests for independence as appropriate.

Write up your findings in a formal document and

Draw final conclusions about the perceptions of the role of advertising in the reinforcement of gender stereotypes and the impact of empowerment advertising.

An important aspect of business analytics is good communication. Write up your answers to this case formally in a well-written report as if you were a consultant to Ms. Drout

Case Analysis Written Report:

This document should be a typed professional written report in Word format with a 1.5 max line space, a suitable font such as Times Roman or Calibri of 12 point maximum, and left, right, top, bottom margins of .8 inches maximum.

NOTE: Calculations for this case are attached, please refer to them when writing the Consulting Report. ALSO, Consulting report template is attached as well, please follow the structure.

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