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Early Christian and Byzantine

The architecture, furniture and design elements of Early Christianity and Byzantine were appropriated from Roman and other local examples. One important design and architectural feature consistently used throughout the time period are mosaics.

Find an example of a mosaic created during the Early Christian and/or Byzantine period and upload/embed a jpeg image of your choice.

Please use: Theodora and Attendants, Mosaic, San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, circa 547 CE.

Create a three-paragraph minimum essay discussing the stylistic characteristics of your choice.

Provide the following:

Artist/designer (if known)
Background information on the building in which it is located
Describe the stylistic elements of the motif – what does it look like?
What is the iconography used?
What previous examples influenced your choice – where have we seen a similar motif?
How does this reflect the geography of the building, the culture and the greater time period?
Dont forget to include your research sources.

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