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EBM Process Reflection

Discussion InstructionsOverviewThrough the successful completion of your coursework in Units 6–9, you have explained the key components of the evidence-based management process used in health care management, analyzed sources of information used in evidence-based health care management, demonstrated analytical decision-making skills through the application of an evidence-based management process, and communicated in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions. Now that you have reached the end of the course, take time to reflect on your experience and learning over the past five weeks.InstructionsFor your initial discussion post, address the following:

Briefly discuss one of the most valuable personal learning experiences you have had in the last five weeks. Why does this experience stand out for you?

Share an example of something you learned that you will be able to use in your health care management career, either now or in the future. How will it affect your role?

Share an idea, material, resource, or topic that you would like to research or use further, in either your coursework or your career.

Provide links to resources you used in Units 6–9 that you want to save for future use. Provide the APA citations for your resources, and include the URLs for any online materials.

Support your ideas with references from the resources and your own research. Follow APA Style and Format guidelines for references and citations.

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