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Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech #1

Objective: To think about and synthesize your anthropological learning these past years, and to articulate how and why this training is significant and useful to a wider public.
Outcome: A two-minute, example or story-driven and well articulated “elevator speech” or “elevator pitch” that can be used in a variety of contexts.

An “elevator speech” is a short “pitch” that can be given immediately when a situation warrants.  In this case, it is an introduction to yourself and your interests in an anthropologically relevant way.  You will gear the speech to particular audiences at different times, but the bulk of it will remain the same most likely.  (for example I have a different one for film festivals than I have for academics).

Post a draft of your elevator speech by clicking “reply” below.  Write it short enough so that it would take no more than 2 – 3 minutes to read.  (Note that 1 line of text = 6 seconds).  You should construct a draft in a Word document and cut and paste into the text box.  What is anthropology, what kinds of questions or issues does it raise for you, and how are the skills applicable?  Is there a “Big Question” that interests you?  (if not, you will have one soon).

The Short Activities Rubric will be used to grade this exercise.
1. Anthropological Perspectives (2) Exhibits awareness and understanding of ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, contexts, and power in all activities;
2. Course Concepts & Examples (3) Directly and appropriately utilizes course terminology in all writing and activities; Describes and utilizes appropriate examples from course materials (readings, films, individual fieldwork, media sources);
3. Follows Instructions & Puts in Effort (5)  Is this a compare/contrast discussion?  Did you find outside sources if required?  Were you supposed to upload an image?  Follow the directions!!  And put in some effort.

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