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Emergency Management

Question 1:
Hurricane Irma impacted multiple countries in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands (BVI), and Cuba.  Think about what it takes to respond to a disaster like Hurricane Irma on different levels with different resources available.

Cuba has different resources than BVI, and Puerto Rico, think about how they utilize their resources to respond to a disaster like Hurricane Irma. Talk about the differences in response based on these resources.  Think outside of the box here, not just about the money each government has. Think about their history, their geographic location, etc.

Question 2: International emergency management takes all the challenges identified in a local disaster and increases the difficultly exponentially. When a disaster occurs that mandates a need for international response, it is because the country cannot support the response needed of the disaster.

Think about what challenges a government faces from a local and/or federal level when a disaster of such a magnitude occurs that international organizations and other countries are providing aide.

Outside of the massive coordination effort, what else does the home country have to deal with?  How would you recommend dealing with these identified issues?

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