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Emergency Management

The Case for Private Medication Centers Whether by accident or part of a terrorist attack, the release of a biological agent such an anthrax could put hundreds of thousands of people at risk. People will need preventive medications immediately. The federal government will ship supplies from national stockpiles to Public Health, who will activate long-standing and well-rehearsed plans to dispense the medicine at numerous locations in the community. Private Medication Centers, operated by partners such as yourself, will be locations where individuals can access preventive medications from the national stockpile during a public health emergency. The successful setup and operation of your Private Medication Center will rely on detailed planning and training conducted ahead of the emergency. Private Medication Centers dispense exclusively to their employees, employee families, and/or clients.

1. Discuss the pros and cons of having a Private Medication Center (PMC) within your organization.  In your final estimation, are there more advantages, or disadvantages? Attached

2. In the Texas Oil Train Derailment TTX, what 3 Drills do you think would have been the most valuable as precursors to the TTX? I attached the TTX

3. Do you think the Scenario and Objectives for the Texas Oil Train Derailment TTX were reasonable, challenging, or too challenging for a TTX?  Did the Injects push the Scenario over the top?  Did you get the feeling that the TTX Planning Team knew they were going to overwhelm the participants?  Explain.

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