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Emergency Management Economic and Social Trends

In the first half of this course you’ve seen case studies for different natural disasters, how they impacted communities, and how they were responded to on local, state, and federal levels.  For the final you’ll have to pick a natural disaster we haven’t reviewed and conduct your own critical review of the response.  I AM CHOOSING THE JAPAN TSUNAMI THAT HIT IN 2011. This will involve you deciding on a disaster that has an after action report (it will make it much easier for you)  You’ll have to include in one form or another the following:

Background on the disaster including: location, impact on the community economically and socially
Response from local, state, and federal government
Response from community and outside organizations
Communication from government to residents
How response was conducted based on the established EOP and what can be done better for the next disaster.
This is where your critical thinking should come into play!  What have you learned about communication, perceived risk, etc.  Bring it all together in this section.
For the midterm, create an outline of what will be your final paper on said natural disaster.



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