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emergency rooms during a pandemic

This chapter includes a description of the data collected for your study or the outcomes of your project. It is simply a description of the data or the outcomes, it does not include any interpretation of what they may mean (that is for the final chapter

Step 7 The Results Chapter

This chapter needs to include (use the bolded items as main headings for the Chapter):

1.    An introduction to what will be covered in the chapter – Describe what the reader will encounter in the Results Chapter
2.    A description of each of the outcomes of the project or findings of the study (use a subheading for each finding) – Use tables, graphs or figures to detail the results of the data analysis or outcomes of the project. 
3.    Remember this is only a description of the results, no interpretation or meaning should be included here.
4.    A conclusion or summary that summarizes what was presented in the chapter.  In condensed fashion tell the reader what they just encountered

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