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Emerging Economy and Shifts of Social Responsibility

Module 8 Signature Assignment:
The signature assignment for this course is five (5) to eight (8) page paper with cited research on your approved topic selected in week one. Although you are not graded for APA style, it is suggested that all research and quotations should be cited in APA style format.
The assignment is to collect, examine, and analyze primary source materials, and organize them into a paper. You should cite at least seven (7) references (at least five references from Academic databases, such as EbscoHost, Google Scholar or LexisNexis). Remember you are graded on demonstrating achievement of the expected Student Learning Outcomes on the homepage of the course, which you should also review to prepare for writing your assignment. Please note for a short academic paper such as this, I do not require you to write an abstract or Table of Contents. But, please include a Cover Page and a References page. Also, be mindful of plagiarism and cite your sources!
Prompt: Find two opposing legal opinions or journal articles on one of the topics covered in weeks 1-8. Write a Memorandum of Points and Authorities in support of one of the articles and distinguish the facts and criticize the legal standing of the other article. Use IRAC analysis and write a complete conclusion arguing why the Judge of the Court should agree with your chosen opinion or article. Your essay should especially include a thesis statement and persuasive conclusion! Good Luck!

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