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Emirates Global Aluminum international strategy

Hi Kindly write a paper about the Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) company’s strategies and how these strategies implemented and the outcomes of the strategies. The report has to address the following:
1. Appraise the diverse approaches adopted by an UAE organization (EGA) as part of its strategic decision making for its transformation from a local organization to an international organization.  (This organization that I have picked started in the UAE and expanded internationally; clarify why, where, and how. What type of strategy they have adopted)
2. Critically appraise and relate market penetration, product development, market development, and diversification strategies adopted by this organization on its corporate, business, and operational level.
3. Evaluate a wide range of strategic approaches the chosen organization has adopted in its past and present and investigate its critical success and failures.
4. Formulate a strategic plan incorporating innovation for gaining competitive advantage by applying the right strategy development process theories and concepts discussed in class.

* The structure has to be as follow:
1. Table of Contents.
2. Title: Your title has to be different from your research question.
3. Introduction: Initial introduction about the topic and demonstrate that the topic is feasible and worthwhile.
4. Answering Question 1
5. Answering Question 2
6. Answering Question 3
7. Answering Question 4
8. Conclusion: Draw your conclusions based on both findings and results of your analysis.
9. References: APA style

* Please go through the uploaded course materials to realize what are the national and international strategies and its modes and types, in order to be mentioned in the report. Thanks

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