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employer bargaining commitee

This exercise simulates the collective bargaining process, with particular emphasis on the most
important elements of the negotiation: planning and preparing for the bargaining table. Your
group will take on the same work and responsibilities of an actual bargaining committee in
preparing and generating an actual bargaining strategy as well as a bargaining proposal. Teams
will then share their proposal with a group representing the other side and each side will then
re-evaluate their positions. This exercise will also ask groups to objectively debrief the

Because this is a group assignment My part of the project includes providing the target point, resistance and rationale on these three items:

Wages Differential

For i. TARGET; identify the outcome(s) that your team would consider a potentially
achievable complete win in the negotiations (i.e., the desired contract language, the %
wage increase, or the specific theme of the outcome that you are after).
For ii. RESISTANCE; identify your minimally acceptable position (i.e., generally, you
must be willing to strike/lockout before you will breach this resistance point).
For iii. RATIONALE; provide a brief statement that summarizes your bargaining strategy
and the reasons/rationale behind your targets and resistance points. This is where you
explain your groups strategy to: (a) attempt to convince the other side to accept your
position; and/or (b) your approach to how you believe you may be able to achieve a
settlement that is at or between the target and the resistance point.

In the attached document you will see the background of the Company and the template for the bargaining strategy document.

Please let me know if you need clarification on anything.

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