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  • Post at least three responses for each topic below: Please answer all 6 questions and please respond to any 4 students in class posts. 

    • 1-Compare and contrast the priorities of the Federalists and Antifederalists for the design of the new Constitution. Although the Federalists argued for a stronger central government (and in many ways, they got one), the Antifederalists won important battles, such as the adoption of the Bill of Rights and the retention of power in the states. What does the debate between Federalists and Antifederalists tell us about American politics in the late eighteenth century? In what ways are the values and concerns of these two groups similar to or different from today’s political debates?
    • 2-Are we still a Democracy? Or are the rich dominating the American Political Process? Will love to hear your comments. Steve

      3- Why do only 40% of Americans take part in the political process Or VOTE? Will love to hear your comments. Steve

    • 4-Combating terrorism has entailed restrictions on civil liberties. How can we reconcile civil liberty and national security? Are we better off opting for more liberty or more security? Are the two goals mutually exclusive? Have Americans become less supportive of the limitations on liberty put into place after the terror attacks in 2001, or do they still perceive that it makes sense to give up some liberties in order to feel more secure?
  • 5-In light of the recent NSA spying on Americans. Do you believe that government has a right to do so or is Security more important than our constitutional right?
  • 6-One of the major concerns among the early America was the strong central government that was created in D.C. States were concerned about the abuse of power and the lack of States having their say in local issues or States rights. I wonder if we created dictatorship by having a strong central gov’t? Will love to hear your comments. Steve 

Teaching Tip You must post at least three responses (200+ words minimum for each post) for this discussion board. Please see the syllabus for additional information on the requirements for discussion forums.

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