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Essay #1 Unit 1: Rhetorical Analysis Tools for Effective Argument
Rhetorical Analysis (SLO 1 support a thesis and topic sentences with textual evidence integrating quotes smoothly into the analysis that show rather than tell. SLO 2 analyze passages/texts from a source(s) and provide insightful analysis that looks at word choice, implications, connotations, and/or gaps in the text).

Prompt Write a rhetorical analysis assessing the effectiveness of an argument found in a piece of text (article, book, poem, image, speech, film, op-ed, etc.). In your analysis, you must use at least three assessments discussed in Chapters 1-6 of Everythings an Argument. You can choose to analyze the use of purpose, the who, appeal to audience, pathos, ethos, logos, Kairos, or fallacies in a piece of text. You are of course welcome to use more than three.

Option for Rhetorical Analysis:
    Analyze a texts effective use of rhetoric (assessments)

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