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Prof Virginia

Research Paper 103


Research Paper Topics

COVID-19 (natural or man-made

geoeoengineeringwath.org or climate change (man-made or natural

Mind control

Is 5G dangerous?

Should we eliminate the electoral college?

Gun control good or bad?

Are extra cameras and lights necessary for our  security or an invasion of our privacy?

Vaccines, especially for COVID-19 are they helpful or dangerous?

Is it  too late to save our planet?

Use of fluoride in our water


The Death Penalty

Legalization of marijuana

Introduction:  One paragraph: Introduce your topic.  State why this topic is important to you and what you hope to learn about it. (One paragraph)

Body Paragraphs: Summarize and analyze  at least three articles on your topic.  It should be a controversial issue; find articles that take opposing articles. (At least two paragraphs),  If necessary, define the issue..  Share background information on your topic.  Become a expert. You can use the website geoengineeringwatch.org and any of the sources he references.

Conclusion:  What did you learn that surprised you about your issue?  What do you predict will happen?

Do we need a call to action? Analyze and think critically.  Do you have any solutions?  You must include a Work Cited Page. 

You must turn in an Annotated Bibliography,

You must use at least three credible or Peer Review articles from our LAVC Library Data Base, geoengineeringwatch.org., governmental sources or scientific journals. 

Your research paper  should be at least five pages long and include a Works Cited Page.

Remember your research paper must be in MLA format include the following format:

title page



works cited page

Here is a link.  You can also call our LAVC librarians.  All our references you use can be sent to you in MLA Format…


You will also find Purdueowl.org helpful


Remember you need an introduction and attention-grabber.  Each of your body paragraphs needs to contain a topic sentence that relates to the thesis.  Back up your topic sentences with the following type of information:

relevant to the argument


personal experience

second-hand experience

reason and logic

expert testimony



Think of your argument as a courtroom  case you want to win, Show the inaccuracies or weaknesses of your opponent and the strengths of your case, Believe in your case and win over the reader,

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