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Research (Epidemiologist) – 8 pages with reference page
And a Powerpoint – 8 slide

The project addresses the following:

Definition and job duties of this career:

– What does a person in this field do? 

Make sure to discuss duties as they change with increasing levels of professional certification and education. 

Educational Requirements

-Discuss increasing levels of education, which are also known as career pathways or ladders RN, BSN, MSN.

-What is the highest certification in this field?

-Are there any local schools which offer this curriculum? 

-How do the duties differ at each level?

Certification, Registration, and Licensing requirements 

What are the certification, registration and or licensing requirements in the State of New Jersey?  Ex: Registered Nurses also have a license to practice nursing

Working Environments 

– Places (hospital, health departments, nursing home)

-Conditions (standing, sitting, travelling)


Employment Opportunities :

-How many openings are in Cumberland County?

-How many in New Jersey/Philadelphia?

How are the job prospects listed on department of labor websites such as O*Net or bls.gov? 

Salary Ranges 

For the various levels of professional certification. 

Ex: Salary ranges for a RN, BSN, MSN

Professional Organizations: 

-Discuss at least three professional organizations made up of members of this career field. 

-Describe the membership (minimum certification level) 

-Describe the purpose of the organization (Do they provide credentialing?  Do they offer scholarships?).

If you find additional aspects for your career that you would like to share, please include them.

Report formatting: 

The report must be at least 8 pages, 1 margins, double-spaced, with 12 pt font.   

In addition to the 8 pages of text, there must be a title page and a reference page in APA format. 


-Have a cover page

-Have a header and number for each page

-Spell numbers smaller than 10 (example: five)

-Use punctuation after parenthesis correctly (Stewart, 2013). 

-If spelling out numbers spell the word percent (nine percent)


-Use contractions

-Use first person (I, we, me, us)

-Write out numbers larger than 10 (example: one thousand)

-Use numbers in numerical form at the beginning of a sentence

-Use quotations 

-If using numbers use the percentage sign (55%)

-Use citations in the abstract


Presentations are to be completed using powerpoint. 

The presentation will be between 5 and 8 minutes.  A PowerPoint presentation in professional and readable format must accompany the presentation.

Minimum of 8 slides (including a title slide) and maximum of 15 slides.

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