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Eriksons Psychosocial Stages of Development. You will pick one of his eight Developmental Crises and research how best to resolve it.

Developmental Psychology 200

Research Assignment

The subject of the research paper will be Eriksons Psychosocial Stages of Development. You will pick one of his eight Developmental Crises and research how best to resolve it.

The research paper is an opportunity for you to conduct your own developmental analyses. The paper should be based on library research, and class materials (i.e., lectures, assignments, and text). It is important to note that your project must have scholarly bibliographic references.


The purpose of this assignment is to display your critical thinking about an issue in developmental psychology. You are expected to integrate your own experiences into the analysis of the literature and to demonstrate analyses from multiple perspectives. For example, compare/contrast analyses of the issues by race, culture, history, or theory.

You should read many papers, books, and articles for your project and include at least 5 references. The paper must be at least 5 typed pages, double-spaced, and should include:

a clear statement about the developmental issues addressed in your paper, the focus of your observations, research, or experiences, and the evidence on which your views are based; your personal reactions, evaluations, and critical analyses from different perspectives references to ideas expressed in lectures, discussions, or readings; and
your synthesis, point of view, or conclusion to your argument.
Create conditions most conducive to an individuals successful resolution of your choice of an Eriksonian crisis. You are asked to choose one of Eriksons 8 crisis of development, and imagine designing an environment for someone in which he/she is all-but-guaranteed to thrive psychosocially, according to Erikson. Imagine yourself writing a handbook for perfect development during one of his stages.

As the sphere of influence diagram is intended to depict, you may want to address issues within one of the spheres (interpersonal, organizational, community, etc.), or you may want to address issues in different spheres.

I expect you to revise, edit, and proofread the paper thoroughly before handing it in. Disorganized writing and thinking will lower the grade given to your paper. Use APA style (which is found in most psychology journals).


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