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Final Paper due Wednesday 12/9
Career: An Issue and Its Solution

Final paper due:  Wednesday, 12/9. Apply what you have learned about academic writing and revision to your paper.

Papers must meet the minimum requirements below to be considered for a grade:

5-7 pages in length
Double-spaced in Times New Roman, size 12 font
MLA format (heading, margins, pagination)
An original title

College database article (unless we spoke) and two additional online articles. A total of THREE sources in Works Cited

Total of three sources for paper #3.

Assignment:  The nature of an issue is that it stirs controversy; therefore, it begs for a solution. In your previous essays you identified, investigated, and discussed a career you may follow. All fields of employment have issues.  You have declared the career of choice and why this is your decision, plus you presented perspectives drawn from interviews.  In addition, you explored the issue with online and database articles.  Now you must bring all you have learned to bear on discussing an issue in the career and  suggesting a logical solution.

This essay will focus on ONE issue with additional research that leads to an in depth discussion of a problem in the field of choice.  Your essay must clearly set forth how this issue could affect you from your perspective. Researched information should deepen readers understanding of why this issue warrants attention. The best research sources should be used, meaning they should come from reliable sources, writers who are knowledgeable about the issue.

Think about how the material we used throughout the semester in class and on the Discussion Board can aid you.  This essay should demonstrate a solid understanding of the career as your choice and one controversial issue within the career, what the experts think, and a potential solution that would satisfy most members of the within that career community.

As always, research and interviews need brief summaries for context and logical integration into your discussion. Cite evidence from the authors by using a direct quotes and paraphrases and credit the source.

Correctly format all material according to MLA.

Grading Criteria:

A strong paper will

have an original and engaging title;     
have a clear, developed thesis;
logically developed ideas and explanations of their significance;
provide logical transitions between ideas;
provide clear summaries of the  researched material;
incorporate quoted or paraphrased material from the articles, citing appropriately;
show the significant revision of ideas, style and language from the discussion boards;
meet the requirement of five – seven full pages;
make appropriate use of sentence structure, word choice, grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
use MLA format.

Remember to read your paper out loud to yourself standing up.

No late papers will be accepted.

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