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For more than seventy years the transatlantic partnership between the United States and what has become the European Union has largely provided unity and stability around the world.  Most importantly, post-World War II institutions and practices have prevented another major world war.  Yet today the future of the partnership in general and the EU in particular is uncertain.  Challenged with crises over Brexit, migration, the euro, globalization and protectionist trade, democratic legitimacy amid rising nationalism and autocratic rule, the EU faces many challenges.  Based on your reading of 0ne through seven modules (but especially module seven), do you think the partnership will survive or has it served its purpose and is no longer viable?  What is the greatest threat(s) to the partnership and how can the challenges be overcome?  How optimistic are you that the Western alliance will remain the dominant power in the 21St century? 
Be specific in your answer, if you want to argue that the statement is true:  Explain why the partnership remains viable and necessary, or why it needs reforming to remain globally dominant. Identify and analyze some of the challenges/threats the partnerships faces and how and why a new approach is needed. Do we need another statesman like Jean Monnet or George Marshall? (be specific in your explanation and analysis and cite your sources with footnotes or endnotes. 

On the other hand, if you want to argue that the partnership has outlived its usefulness, explain why.  What should take its place and what are the risks and possible rewards of a creating a new world order for the 21st century?. 
***please use the attached readings. You do not need to use all of the readings, just choose a few that you think will fit the requirements the best.
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