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Event Planning

prepare a slide (.pptx and no more than 10 slide pages) to answer the following questions
1.    Please interpret your understanding of the event theme, The Old West Meets the 21st Century. Be specific, what elements does this theme contain? How it will influence your design and entertainment design
2.    What color(s) will you choose for this event? Why?
3.    Select three different types or combinations of types of dcor that could be used to depict this theme, and how would you use them?
4.    Please select at least three different entertainment for this event. Why would you choose them?

Tips: 1. Your dcor and entertainment ideas need to reflect the event theme.
        2. You can use visual images to clarify and demonstrate your ideas.
        3. Creative ideas are always welcomed!

In this event, you will work as an event designer. You need to brainstorm preliminary entertainment and dcor ideas for a themed corporate fun party, The Old West Meets the 21st Century. This event will be held at RKR in Spring 2022.

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