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event report and analysis

While the covid19 quarantine policy is in place you are required to attend a cultural virtual event within a specific sector of the industry. Engage and analyse your specific event with a written analysis of 2000 words. The event can be a global event and tour involvement in this event mist span 75 minutes. The link of the event is below:
Specific details of the assessment:
– how would you describe the event you attend?
– why did you choose this event?
-what was the experience like for you
– what new knowledge (personal/factual) have you gained as a result of this cultural event
– discuss the direct knowledge regarding an aspect of culture with which you are currently unfamiliar that you received from this event
Learning outcomes to be assessed:
– define and analyse the nature of the events cape, identifying and analysing the tangible and intangible elements shaping the event environment
– explore and analyse the key event sectors of sports, meetings, and cultural events
– engage with and analyse a specific sector event
– gain an understanding of the importance of creativity in event design
Communicate an event concept to industry professionals.

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