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EVICTED BOOK By Matthew Desmond

analyze the book EVICTED by Matthew Desmond. It should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced and include cited references. The purpose of the assignment is not to analyze if you liked the book or not, but rather to analyze the material and how it relates to the world and the struggle today, also nonprofits, fundraising money, government funding and laws, charity work, dishonest nonprofits, dishonest people, dishonest programs, the struggle of having to live and survive with no help or needing to utilize resources to be able to make it. We should relate this paper and the book to volunteers too, and volunteer time, shelters, children shelter, and women and adult shelter too, we can relate this book and paper to how poverty survives and gets out of the level of economy they are in and what they use to do it, we can talk about how this book relates to the homeless, and or how this book and paper relate to the demographic of people that get left behind, that get over looked, that get overseen, the group of individuals that need resource help but have not found the right resource to help with that they need. A reference page should be included with this assignment (not counted as one of the pages). 


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