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Evolution of Human Resources Management

LEROUX  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3MTtj5PVAo
ULRICH  https://youtu.be/xopVlmEkoFo
WELCH  https://youtu.be/rByDmC0SqtM

Review the videos by Leroux, Ulrich and Welch in this Unit.  Notice the similarities or differences in how they view the function of Human Resource Management.  Comment on that in your discussion board as you look at the evolution of the field of HR. 

Using academic data,  research the evolution of the 1950s Personnel Department to the current HRM Department and expand on the importance of the HRM department in the 21st century.  In your opinion, what forces influenced the change we have seen?

Describe your experiences with your company’s HRM department? Does your HRM Department respond quickly to queries, is visible in the company and engages with employees?  If you havent had any HRM experience, explain what a typical HRM Department should do.

Please cite your academic source(s) by using the APA format with in-text citations (whenever you paraphrase information from a source) and with APA references.  Make sure your research is from valid academic sources.

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