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Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean systems

2.  At least 1 citation has to come from classroom textbook (information at the end of document)
3.  3 FULL pages are required


In this assignment, you will compose and informative essay in a minimum of 3-full pages in which you specifically address the parts listed below. Make sure to include separate title and references pages, use standard paragraph structure, double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and follow all other current APA style guidelines. Conduct research from credible peer-reviewed sources, the Library, and your textbook to support your responses.

Part 1: Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean systems provided below:

Quality Management

1. Dimensions of Quality
2. Cost of Quality
3. Six Sigma
4. ISO
5. Quality tools

Lean Systems

1. JIT
2. Lean Production
3. Kanban
4. Kaizen
5. Poka-yoke

Part 2: Select one concept from each of the lists above and compose your paper to include:

  One aspect of quality management   One aspect of lean systems

Part 3: Close your paper with the following observations from your research:

The importance of Demings research to the foundation of quality, and what you could do now, to implement the concepts you selected, to your own life and work.

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