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Faith and Learning

Write a thematic integration of faith and learning concept paper using a well-rounded approach to the concepts found in Northouse textbook and current scholarly literature. This paper must be submitted in compliance with the instructions found in the Thematic of Faith and Learning Paper Grading Rubric.

The paper must contain the following components:

1.    A 23-page overview that defines the course (Leadership Theory) as an academic field of study (significance of the course to business).
2.    A 34-page discussion of the top 58 concepts you believe are critical in order to demonstrate that a student who completes this course can synthesize the key concepts in leadership theory and make real-world applications. 
3.    A 23-page discussion that integrates the concepts from the Northouse and Merida texts along with the Bible and other sources to present a cohesive biblical understanding of leadership theory.
4.    A minimum of 10 scholarly journal references; each reference must be less than 10 years old.

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