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Tstosi is a South African film that explores the social and political world of the country through the experiences of the central protagonist Tsotsi.  Watch the film carefully and take notes related to the three questions listed below.  After reflecting on the film, select one of the questions to answer for a film analysis. 

To receive full points, be sure to answer in complete sentences in 1-1/2 to 2 pages of at least 400-500 words.  Your response should go beyond mere description and demonstrate analysis of the film narrative, film style and content.  Be sure to include
specific details (narrative action, visual, sound, mise-en-scne) from the film in your response. 

Assignment Guidelines
Please proofread your work and check for grammar and spelling errors. 
o Clarity of writing reflects clarity of thought.
Do your own work & do not to plagiarize any source.
o Your response will be checked using Turnitin.
o Plagiarized work will receive 0 points.


Cinematic Analysis:  Director Gavin Hood uses flashbacks as a filmic device to expand the narrative.  Select two specific flashback scenes to describe in some detail and analyze.  How are the flashback scenes shot?  When do they appear within the film narrative?  What do these flashbacks scene reveal to the viewer about characters or events?  How does the use of this flashback contribute to your understanding of the films meaning?

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