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Final Presentation on the Impact of Climate Change


We have arrived at module 8 and the final presentation you have been working on since module 2 should now be ready. This final project is a video presentation, similar to what you would see in a TED talk. Based on the assignments in module 2 and module 5, you have had a chance to gather information and create an organized, informative, and convincing presentation on one aspect of climate change that is impacting the world, including the U.S.A. You received feedback from your instructor on your preparation, and should now be ready to present a professional and engaging talk for the hypothetical high school science class.

As a reminder, here is a list of the acceptable climate change issues you were told to choose from:

Climate change and its impact on:

    Rising sea levels and coastal communities
    Natural disasters (hurricanes, forest fires, etc.)
    Agriculture and food (changes in water levels, drought, shifting growing seasons, etc.)
    National security
    The available the quality and quantity of fresh potable water
    Melting arctic ice
    Human health
    The U.S. economy
    Indigenous peoples
    Ecosystems such as coral reefs

If you had selected something not on the list and did not get written permission from your instructor, then your work is not appropriate and will need to be redone.


Your final video should be 2-3 minutes in length. Your video should be professional looking, with a clear articulate delivery for the audience. Do not be just a talking head; rather, include some graphics or tables of data to support what you are saying. Again, these need to be professional quality and easily visible to the viewer.

You should begin by giving the following information:

    Your name
    The title of your presentation
    Explain in 4-5 sentences the specific aspect of climate change your presentation will cover and why you think this is important.
    Continue by giving a few of the most important causes for this particular aspect of climate change (dont just say increasing greenhouse gasses, be specific and detailed).
    Explain how the causes you indicated produce the results that is the climate change impact you are examining (provide specifics of how this happens).
    A brief review of efforts underway or proposed methods to alleviate this issue.

References can be included as an additional slide in a PowerPoint, or as a separate document submitted with your presentation video.

The Excelsior Library Citation Tip Sheets and Resources (Links to an external site.)will be a helpful guide. You may also wish to use a citation generator you just insert the information, and it creates the citation in the format you indicate (MLAor APA, for example). Here are 3 citation generators to choose from:

    Citation Machine (Links to an external site.)
    Bibme (Links to an external site.)
    EasyBib (Links to an external site.)

Tools for the assignment

Decide on how you want to present your work. Select one technology that records your words and allows you to showcase some of your results. Do not be a talking head! Contact the instructor if you have alternative technologies you wish to use. If you have a specific disability that precludes your full participation in this assignment, please contact the Excelsior College Student Services Office for details on documentation. For more information, view the Accessibility Services (Links to an external site.) page or contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator at 844-427-4356 or DSC@excelsior.edu.

Option 1: Screen recording software (such as Screencast-o-Matic)

To record your presentation, you may consider the free recording tool Screencast-o-Matic (Links to an external site.). Please ensure your sound is clear for your audience to hear. To learn more, visit their tutorial video. (Links to an external site.) You may review the Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.) before signing up for a free account.

Option 2: Narrated PowerPoint presentation with video clips embedded

You may use PowerPoint to complete this assignment. In addition to the content requirements listed below, you must meet two technology requirements: The PowerPoint presentation should include narration throughout, and you must embed one or two video clips.  (Links to an external site.)These video clips show you presenting the lecture, for a combined length of 2 minutes or more. Show yourself looking into the camera and speaking to your audience in a professional manner. You may use the video to start the presentation (the Introduction part), and/or to conclude the presentation (the Results, Conclusion, and Global Perspective). The use of multimedia (such as graphics, animations, video clips) relevant to the topic to enhance engagement with your audience is a plus.

(Note: You should use the MS PowerPoint tool for the best results. Office Suite also has free presentation tools available, such as LibreOffice (Links to an external site.). Be sure the tool you select can be viewed in MS PowerPoint by your instructor. If you need any additional assistance, please use the Microsoft web site tutorials. Office 365: Record a slide show with narration and slide timings. (Links to an external site.)

Option 3: Create a video

You can record a video of yourself presenting your research as a lecture using your camera and microphone built into or added to your computer. This file can be saved to your computer and then easily uploaded to YouTube once you have created your own channel.  Once you have the video file (in MP4 format, for instance), you may upload the video to Canvas assignment directly (please read: How do I submit a media file as an assignment submission) (Links to an external site.), or to YouTube once you have created your own channel:
How to upload videos to youtube (Links to an external site.)

Technology Requirements

    Video: If you use Option 1 or Option 3, the video should run throughout the presentation. If Option 2, the videos combined should be no less than 1 minute long.
    You have to show your upper body, look in the camera, and speak to your audience. Professional attire is highly recommended.
    Oral: Narration is required throughout the presentation
    Length: 2-3 minutes


EC Library Writing Resources:

    Excelsior OWL (Links to an external site.)

EC Library Research Guides for research:

    NS110 Research Guide (Links to an external site.)

EC Library resources to properly cite your work:

    APA Format Tip Sheet (Links to an external site.)
    Citing Sources (Links to an external site.)
    Plagiarism & Copyright (Links to an external site.)

Submission Instructions

Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical or pronunciation errors. Save your video in a file format that can be shared. When you are ready to submit your work, click Upload Submission. Enter the submission title and then click on Select a file to upload. Browse your computer and select your file. Click Open and verify the correct file name has appeared next to Submission File. Click on Continue. Confirm submission is correct and then click on Accept Submission & Save.

Grading Criteria

Your presentation will be graded on (please see the attached rubric for grading these presentations)

Completeness of all content elements described below:

    Overall cohesiveness
    The organization of each slide or section of the video, including the graphics used and including a font and font color that are easy to read
    Correct and appropriate grammar, written and oral
    Your delivery: spoken in a conversational manner, delivered in a clear, concise, and professional voice. Avoid reading your script to the camera and keep your tone collegiate and pleasant.


This assignment will be graded using the Rubric for Multimedia Presentations. Please review the rubric prior to beginning your work so that you ensure your submission meets the criteria in place for this assignment. This assignment is part of the final project, which is worth 20% of your final course grade. This portion is worth 10% of your total grade

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