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Final Project

Pathology is the study of the nature and cause of disease.  In the Funeral Service profession, we deal with the unfortunate results of disease.  In order to appropriately prepare the dead for disposition, part of our profession is to understand a variety of diseases that may appear on a death certificate.   Moreover, a part of the profession (although not required, but expected) is to help the family to understand why their loved one died. 


 The cause of death for each was found on actual death certificates.  The names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent….


This assignment fulfills:


Course Outcome Two: You will have demonstrated applied knowledge of Pathology, by describing the four aspects of the major disease processes covered in the course:


Cause (etiology)


Mechanisms of development (pathogenesis)


Functional consequences of the molecular and morphologic changes (clinical significance)


The Assignment

 For this assignment complete the cases provided in the template by providing the following information:


Etiology –


Symptoms (at least four) –


Diagnosis –


Treatment –


Prognosis –


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