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Final Project Part Two: Thesis Statement and Bibliography

Final Project Part Two: Thesis Statement and Bibliography

1. Identify which of your two revised thesis statements to use as the focus of the online exhibition you will create for part three of the final project.

2. Use the COC online library database to research and identify three academic sources that will inform the information you include in your online exhibition. Write a three sentence annotation for each source that describes its content and how it will inform your exhibition.

The sources could be connected to your selected time periods, the artists or the artworks you will highlight in part three of the final project.

Annotation Example:

Bronson, Bertrand H. H. James Jensen. The Muses Concord: Literature, Music, and the Visual
Arts in the Baroque Age. Bloomington-London: Indiana University Press, 1976. Xvi+259
Pp. $12.95. Renaissance quarterly. 31.2 (1978): 257260. Web. Accessed 11/2020.

Bertrand Bronson discusses the commonalities of literature, music, and art in the Baroque period. Bronson reflects upon the exchange between artist and observer through the senses and generates interest in the various
methods of perception, analysis, and absorption of artistic information. This article supports my thesis statement and provides information on the connection between my selected artworks.

3. Submit your selected thesis statement and a annotated bibliography.

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