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Finance simulation

Provide a brief overview of New Heritage what does the company need to do to succeed?
What is the role of each division within New Heritage? How are the roles of the divisions related?
In year one, five project proposals were reviewed. What proposals did you decide to move forward with in year one and why?
How did the decisions made in year one impact New Heritage in year two? Why?
Provide a brief summary of the subsequent proposal decisions made in years 2-5, and explain why those decisions were made
At the end of the simulation, you now can see how all of the decisions impacted New Heritages performance over the five year period. Armed with this knowledge, if you were to play the simulation a second time, would you make any decisions differently? Why?
Provide a brief reflection on your experience in the simulation- for instance, were you able to make decisions in the simulation with ease, or were the decisions challenging? Why? Please include any other thoughts or comments in this section on the overall experience

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