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Foreign Currency Research Report


Research regarding one foreign currency:
Please select ONE foreign currency that your team likes to do research on. You need to report to the professor via email your selected foreign currency by the end of week 7 (this week). The foreign currency selection is based on first-come first-serve basis: you cannot select the same foreign currency if it has been already selected by another team. You are free to choose either a major currency (e.g., Swiss Franc, Euro) or a minor currency (e.g., Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Mexican Peso, Indian Rupee, Russian Rubles), but since you need to do research on this currency and the foreign countrys macroeconomic factors and news, it is recommended that you do not select a foreign currency that is not so commonly used.

Your research on the foreign currency should include the following:

Background information about the currency (e.g., historical exchange rate, trend, volatility, etc.).

Macroeconomic factors (e.g., interest rates, inflation rates, imports, and exports) that affect the exchange rate of that currency against the US$.

News events that have big impacts on the exchange rates (e.g., intervention by central bank, political events, Greece debt crisis, Volkswagen, etc.)

Your forecast for the future (short- and long-term) performance of the currency. Justify your forecast with supporting evidence and state clearly your underlying assumptions.

Some fun facts about doing business in that country or about the culture of that country. Make it interesting!

Choose one US multinational corporation that is headquartered in US but has big market in this foreign country (e.g., Apple, Google, Uber). Study its annual report and find its market share in foreign countries. Search the big news about this company doing business internationally. Briefly discuss the case and comment on how it relates to the course materials.

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