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Gender Socialization and Sexuality

Discuss the link between the two constructs.
The paper should include four major sections: 1.  An introduction including purpose of the paper, why the topic has been selected and its relevance to your training in Human Relations (2 pages)2.  Overview some of the common causes of the issue or problem. Be sure to think multi-dimensionally (biological, physical, mental) (3.5 pages)  3.  What are common treatments or interventions for the issue or problem? Again, be sure to think multi-dimensionally (biological, physical, mental)  (3.5 pages)4.  What are you conclusions and recommendations for further study about this issue or problem?  What else do you need to learn about this topic to be helpful in counseling? (2 pages) 

You must use a minimum of 6 different sources or peer reviewed articles.

I will double check the sources that you provide for accuracy.  Please cite as necessary.

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