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Gender Stratification / Age & Sexuality

This objective will explore  how socialization impacts upon gender roles including the family, peer groups, schooling, the mass media, sports, employment and adulthood. Describe the relationship between gender and social stratification in the work placegendered division of paid work, pay equity (comparable worth) family and Explain the theoretical perspectives on gender stratification of the functionalist, neoclassical economics, conflict and feminist.  Feel free to research the theories of Sociologist Max Weber (Theory of Bureaucracy) or Karl Marxs’ (Conflict Theory).

You can use any example of Gender Inequality in classical or modern society and how it has or will affect society as a whole.

Example: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Unequal Pay amongst Professionals, Men and Women in the Entertainment Industry.. etc……

This is an online submission, Please do not forget when you using your references CITE them.

This can be submitted in powerpoint or term paper form. 

Powerpoint 5-7 slides of content. (Does not include intro slide)

Term Paper 5 pages (Times New Roman 1 Point Font, Double spaced)

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