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You are to write a three page, double-spaced paper using Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA or what your discipline requires for citations and works cited.  Base your writing on chapters one and
two from the textbooks.  You will need to  augment this with other material from on-line or library research, but this is not intended to be a research paper, so do not do too much of that work.
There is an extensive resource list at the end of the Johnson book.
The library holds much material that you could use and you could tap into other resources such as magazines and newspapers. Begin with an opening paragraph that emphasizes your thesis.  That should be placed in the first paragraph.  If you choose to write, for example, that the Egyptians were representative of empire building, then find sources to support your claim.  Emphasize the parts that support your viewpoint, and then mention another viewpoint, but try to minimize that compared to your theme.  Conclude with your inferences from your analysis of these sources. Remember that plagiarism is prohibited and the consequences for plagiarism can be severe. Be original and use your own ideas, express yourself and add what you think that the people from this era of our history have to say to you.  Parts of our culture and some of our customs endure from this heritage including some of our music, literature, art, laws, and beliefs.  This is an opportunity for you to  get to know who these people were and decide whether you agree with them. Include a bibliography or works cited page, using Chicago Style, MLA, APA or whichever format
you chose

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