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Genetic enhancements/repair

Biomedical Ethics Final Paper Prompts and Instructions

In your final paper, you should:

Be able to identify and explain multiple arguments, ones that reach different conclusions about the same topic or ones that use different reasons to reach the same conclusion.

Be able to identify at least one way in which the arguments have been/can be critiqued, and any possible reply the authors might have to the objections.

Defend an objection to an argument, or defend a particular reply to an objection.

.You should have a title page with a title, your name, our class, and a word count, and also a works cited page. I will be checking for plagiarism.

Choose one of the questions below for your final paper topic. You are required to read and write about the articles mentioned under the question. For each article, you should provide a clear exposition of the relevant arguments (as you did in papers I and II). If the articles reach opposing or different conclusions, explain in what ways they disagree and what conclusions they reach. If the articles reach the same conclusion but use different reasoning, make sure to clarify how they use different arguments.

Is genetic repair/treatment morally okay? What about enhancement?

Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics? by John Harris

Genetic Enhancement by Walter Glannon

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