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Genetic testing and how it can benefit or society or deteriorate it as it becomes more available.


above is a link to the video: It is called Cracking your Genetic Code Season 39, Ep 9. 53 Minutes long.

It does not need to be a full 550 words BUT it NEEDS to answer the essay questions below. 1 paragraph for each question.

1. In your words, what is meant by the phrase Genetic Code?

In the movie they obtained DNA from different sources, what were those sources? What other sources would be preferable? What sources would you avoid? Why?

3. One of the people in the movie said that if they tried they might fail, and that would be a good thing? Who said that and what did he mean?

4. They talked about a disease called CFwhat does that stand for? What part of the body does it affect? How much does the treatment for CF cost?

5. What do you predict for the future regarding peoples Genetic Code? There were two sides to the debate, what were they? Discuss each side.

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