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GLST 220 Discussion Board Forum 2 (Module 6)

Forum 2 (Module/Week 6) (100 Points) Initial Thread (at least 400 words ( The article for this assignment is Cultural Intelligence


Initial Thread Question/ Prompt: Once you have read your article please answer the following questions in your post: (Questions in parenthesis are suggestions to help guide your writing).
1.    Briefly summarize the article. (What were the researchers studying? What was the primary thesis of the article? How did they conduct their research? What were the results?)

2.    Using this article as well as other course materials, discuss the implications of Cultural Intelligence in your chosen professional field. (What cross-cultural challenges exist in your profession? How will having high CQ help to address those challenges? What other research needs to be done in order to develop high CQ in your field?)

3.    Imagine you were creating a professional development seminar on cultural intelligence for professionals in your chosen field. Aside from simply defining CQ, what topics would you focus on? How would you help your attendees practically apply CQ to your field?

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