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GLST 220 – Journal Entry 4

Journal 4 (Module/ Week 8)  *** (also I’m sending back the other Journey to you, so you can look over them) Your journal entry should be at least 400 words,

In your final CQ journal entry, you will reflect back on your CQ journey throughout the course. Answer the following questions in your CQ journal.
    Did you meet the goals or accomplish the action steps you set in Journal 2?
    How has your understanding of Cultural Intelligence and the realities of interacting across cultures changed during this course?
    Discuss the ways you will seek to increase your CQ as you continue on beyond this course.
    What is the most significant thing you have learned about intercultural communication and engagement?
    How can you apply what you have learned about CQ to our global purpose of engaging the nations with the gospel?    

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