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Guideline Instructions for Final Essay Assignments

Purpose: To show that you can revise and edit a draft essay in a manner that reflects your ability to improve your rhetorical essay writing effectiveness on a relevant collegiate topic.

Objective: To review teacher comments on your draft essay and revise your draft according to the recommendations for improvement, to follow MLA guidelines, to revise your essay to eliminate writing errors, and to increase reader engagement and understanding through visually representing your ideas (optional).


1. Choose 2 out of the 3 essay drafts assignments that you have written the represents your best writing. Your choices are draft essay #1 and #2, #1 and #3, or #2 and #3.

2. Revise your first choice according to my comments and lecture notes. Apply tips from your peers and WRC tutors as appropriate.

3. Choose only one visual element to add to one essay or to both of your essays (optional)

4. Name the first revised draft choice “Final Essay No. 1” and the second choice “Final Essay No. 2”

5. Submit each Final Essay to the appropriate Turnitin assignment post.

Check List:

· Meets all minimum Writing Assignment requirements described in the Writing Instructions

· Fulfills Rhetor’s Writing Objective and Focuses on the Rhetor’s Rhetorical Purpose for Writing

· Follows ALL Format Guidelines.

· Has No Title Page

· Has MLA Header w/Page Numbers starting on page 2 and that are preceded by your last name

· Has Relevant and Appealing (“cool”) Essay Title or Article Citation in the title space

· Documents several Citations in body of text, showing use of sources provided and researched

· Has MLA formatted works cited page on separate last page of assignment, entitled Works Cited

· Includes at least one Visual Element (Optional)

· Is Well-Organized and has Cohesive Topical Paragraphs

· Utilizes Meaningful Paragraph Breaks and Transitions

· Omits extra spaces between paragraphs and ensures that the entire document is double-spaced

· Uses Standard English throughout essay

· Is Free from Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling Errors

· Has standard 1” Margins on all sides of the pages and text is Left Aligned

· Is Appealing in ways that show intentional moves to increase audience persuasion

· Pathos, Ethos, Logos, and Kairos

· Avoids Fallacies of Argument

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