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You should provide APA 6th edition in-text as well as reference citations for your textbook and any outside sources/articles you use to complete your work. Feel free to do an internet search for help on this assignment.

Your post (Parts I and II) should be a maximum of 600 words.

Part I

(1) Let other students know what area of the health profession you plan to pursue in your future career (health education, nursing, dental hygiene, etc.). Based on your interests, identify at least three key individuals whom have been influential in your profession within the last 200 years.
Provide their names, the historical role they have played, the area of the world in which they lived, and any advancements that they helped to bring about.
Explain to other learners why these individuals are considered influential. Make sure to cite your sources in APA 6th edition formatting.
(2) Explain why these people were interesting to you, personally, as well as what you admire about them (this should be your opinion and in your own words). Based on your research, why do you think they were so successful in influencing their profession?
(3) Thinking about your own knowledge, skills, and abilities, what unique contribution do you hope to make in your chosen field in the future, and why?
In what part of the world would you like to work?
Part II

Based on your own career interests in the health field, provide a brief time line of at least 10 key events that occurred in the last 200 years, which helped to shape your profession.
Please make sure to list the specific dates and events. (also, do not copy any timeline exactly that you find online. Rather, make your own based on the sources that you review.)
I want you to search the internet to find your specific career field interests and look for key dates that are essential for someone studying the history of that profession to know.
Make sure to cite any sources that you use in APA 6th edition format. You may use your textbook as a source as well.

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