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Health studies

Here a re the directions from the professor, “I am interested in what you think about the issues being raised in the Kidder book. Therefore avoid summarizing; instead, try and show the reader why what you are saying is important or significant from a global health perspective. Feel free to draw on personal experiences in your analysis.
There are many important issues contained in the Kidder Book. Do not try and discuss all the so whats that you can think of. Instead, your paper will be much stronger if you focus on only one “so what”. Have a clear, concise and compelling Introduction. I should be able to identify what your “so what” is from the introduction.
Use “author-date” citation style in the body of the essay. I will penalize you for incorrect citation. Avoid using direct excerpts/quotes from the book or other readings. Paraphrase instead. I will penalize you for using more than 2 direct excerpts from the book or class readings.”

You will need to use the book, Mountains Beyond Mountains
Book by Tracy Kidder, and 10 of the additional readings I provided

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